Name: vanessa

City: born and raised in miami, FL – now living in brooklyn, NY

Sign: sun in leo, moon in taurus and ascendant in scorpio – i’m a bona fide mess

Occupation: part time PR major, part time freelance music writer

Hobbies: crying, looking at pictures of pete doherty, vinyl collecting, getting dumb tattoos

Chipotle order: i’ve only been to Chipotle once and i was not into it (in defense of die-hard Chipotle fans, it was in france so the fault is all mine)

What should every woman try at least once in her life?  fall in love with yourself

What is on your bookshelf? a lighter, tropic of cancer by henry miller, ways of seeing by john berger, the first collection of criticism by a living female rock critic by jessica hopper (so good), and a collection of rimbaud poems – also a 1000 page biography on the beatles that i have never even gotten halfway thru reading

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? i listen to the spice girls pretty regularly

What album has had the biggest impact on your life? i’d say the velvet underground & nico has always seemed to have a significant place in my life, no matter where or when – it opened a lot of doors for me on every spectrum (also stoked to be able to say i’ve heard it performed live by mr. john cale himself)

Who is your favorite living artist? everything julian casablancas has ever created has resonated with me deeply – visually, chad wys, jean luc godard, sofia coppola

How would you describe your personal style? I saw binki shapiro wearing army pants and flip flops so i bought army pants and flip flops

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? i’m actually pretty into astronomy/physics, and find that the more we learn about the cosmos the more in tune we become with ourselves. stars are cool – they are, after all, what we’re made up of!

What does Modern Girls mean to you? personally, being a first-generation latinx woman has always left me desiring for more – it has become a great deal to me to help create a space where diverse girls have a place to be themselves as well as see their culture and identity in mainstream media. i long for Modern Girls to become a safe space for any woman who seeks one, all while letting your voice be heard.

Instagram: @vvanessaaa

Check out Vanessa’s personal playlist on our Spotify!

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