MODERN GIRLS is a media platform and webzine founded in the summer of 2016 by longtime friends Jeanette Diaz, Kristen Knight, Megan Schaller, Vanessa Bermudez, and Chaia Mascall. A diverse group of young women all hailing from different backgrounds and cities (Los Angeles, Boston, Miami, and Baltimore, respectively), we fortuitously met each other through a shared love of the band The Strokes. The team is currently based in New York City, Los Angeles, and Boston.

On MODERN GIRLS, our content is exclusively produced by women and non-binary folk; We created this space to share marginalized and under-represented voices in music, art, and political journalism. Rather than just share popular media, we choose to showcase and recommend music and art that we truly believe needs to be seen and heard – the type of stuff that we would show our friends. Rather than just discuss the political landscape, we share concrete political tools for members of our community to utilize, as well as individual perspectives of how various societal structures have impacted our lives.

The name MODERN GIRLS is a nod to The Strokes (their song “Modern Girls & Old-Fashioned Men” has a special place in each of our hearts). With that said, the content of this site is certainly not limited to consumption by women, and we do not wish to infantilize those who identify as women with the name ‘GIRLS’. We welcome people of all genders to be a part of MODERN GIRLS and encourage those who do not identify as women/NB folk to explore the perspectives shared on this site.

MODERN GIRLS is a platform where all people can empower one another and celebrate their passions for music and art. The MODERN GIRL always gets her way – with confidence, dedication, and (!) always with style. The MODERN GIRL is too much to be defined – she’s making strides in industries that do not favor her, she’s a woman of color, she’s LGBTQA+, she’s you, she’s me. This is a safe space for all people interested in music, art, politics, and popular culture.

We welcome all collaborations and comments. If you plan to submit, please pitch complete or incomplete content (written reviews, think pieces, artistic projects, playlists – you name it!) to moderngirlsinfo@gmail.com. We will respond to you as soon as possible.

Love, strength, and power,

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