Meet Chloe Woodard, although you may already be familiar with her. She’s the talented and effortlessly hilarious lady behind the infamous “Who is she” Vine from summer 2015. You know, the one with “Take On Me” by A-ha, shimmying shoulders, and those all-too-small sunglasses. The Vine went viral – and brought Chloe’s Vine account (well-deserved) instant acclaim. Perhaps the greatest allure in “Who is she” was its unapologetic authenticity and simplicity – who couldn’t relate to the brace-faced girl hidden behind those sunglasses? By the time Vine closed down (RIP!) earlier this year, she had racked up almost one million followers on the social media platform.

Beyond Vine, Chloe is a passionate music fan (yes, her taste expands beyond A-ha) and advocate for women’s rights. Watching her body of work feels like escapism from the burdens of reality, but her comedy is dark – often touching upon subjects like depression and the uncertainty that comes with being a teen – and grounded in real life. Likewise, her comedy is honest and comforting, without sugarcoating the ugliness of the world. Chloe brings a sweet, much-needed humor to the sameness of everyday life that makes us all feel a little bit less alone. She is a friend to us all – even if we only know her through our phone screen. Modern Girls are so excited to see what Chloe does next after Vine, so in the meantime, we took the time to ask her about the responsibilities of social media influencers, her most recent google searches, and her guilty pleasure music faves.

Name: Chloe Woodard

City: Chicago, IL

Sign: Cancer

Occupation: Unemployed !

How has the transition been from “ordinary teenage girl” to “vine famous”? 

The transition from “ordinary teenage girl” to “vine famous” can only really be described as abrupt.  It happened practically overnight!  The only real difference is that now I have people paying attention to the things I say and do so I’ve been trying lately to make those things really matter.

What have been some of the coolest experiences in your career as a young female comedian?

My coolest experiences have for-sure been the people that I’ve met because of it!  My favorite of all time was meeting my idol Kathleen Hanna of Bikini Kill.  She was so incredibly sweet to me and even before meeting her she had changed my life, so the experience was absolutely incredible.  I’ve also gotten to meet/talk to a ton of other people I really admire, like musicians and other viners.

What is the responsibility of social media influencers in our current political climate?

I believe that the responsibility of social media influencers in our current political climate is to use their voices.  As I kind of touched on earlier, when you have a large following on any social media platform, people are paying close attention to what you say and do.  You have the power to change minds and hearts, get others to share your passion, and even encourage people to join you in making change.  They don’t call us “influencers” for nothing!

How do you plan to continue your comedy work post-Vine? What can we expect next?

I recently made a YouTube channel, so I might start posting more frequently there!  I don’t really have any ideas for long comedy videos, but I may start vlogging or making artistic videos.  I haven’t really decided yet!

Last thing you googled?

The lyrics to The Sugarhill Gang’s song “Rapper’s Delight,” because the live version is different from the studio version and the lyrics are actually super funny.

Describe your personal style. 

I think my personal style is kind of just a combination of everyone I surround myself with/love.  If I see something cool on my friends or a musician I like I might incorporate it into something I wear.  I really like fashion from all decades so I find myself mixing different styles from different eras of fashion!

Dream concert lineup? 

Oh, my God, I have so many artists that I love that I could sit here and draw up lineups for 3 different music festivals – but I’ll keep it short!  I think it’d be way cool to see The Barbaras, Twin Peaks, Mac Demarco, and Jimmy Whispers all together.

What are your current music faves?

I have so many!  Beat Happening, Twin Peaks, Talking Heads, Teen Suicide, Beck, The Strokes, Slothrust, Bikini Kill, Blondie, Jimmy Whispers, Meth Wax, Mitski, Naked Raygun, Pill Friends, Ty Segall, and Jay Reatard!

…and current *guilty pleasure* music faves?

I’m kind of really digging the Beastie Boys right now. They’re just super fun!

What does being a “modern girl” mean to you?

Being a “modern girl” means being empowered and intelligent, thinking for myself and about others, and doing what is right because it is my duty as a woman of the twenty-first century.  Being a “modern girl” means uniting with other women, men, transgender, and nonbinary people for our rights as human beings.  Being a “modern girl” means being strong in myself and strong in my friends and the people who stand by me in this day and age.


Keep up with Chloe on Instagram and Twitter

Interview by Megan / photos taken from Chloe’s instagram

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