Name: chaia

City: boston born, nyc livin

Sign: scorpio sun, virgo moon, aries rising

Occupation: full time film student, part time witch

Hobbies: binge watching tv on netflix, sketching pretty girls, admiring my eyebrows, decorating spreads in my bullet journal, & imagining my future with harry styles

Chipotle order: whatever the friend im with orders, without meat

What should every woman try at least once in her life? not shaving

What is on your bookshelf? gone girl by gillian flynn, a moveable feast by ernest hemingway, the woman destroyed by simone de beauvoir, citizen by claudia rankine, jane eyre by charlotte brontë, the secret history by donna tartt, allen ginsberg’s collected poems, and the twilight series

What is your biggest guilty pleasure? disclaimer i don’t believe in the concept of guilty pleasures but that said gossip girl (2007) is one the best things to ever happen in television history

What album has had the biggest impact on your life? this is a tie between is this it – strokes (bc duh) and up all night – one direction (i can’t justify this it’s just true)

Who is your favorite living artist? david lynch is my father, beyoncé my mother, julian casablancas my hero, and prince my idol (cosmic forces can’t die)

How would you describe your personal style? black, white, & shiny things

What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? i know every single word to lou bega’s classic hit single mambo no. 5

What does Modern Girls mean to you? i’ve always found home in sisterhood, i was born and bred in the arms and the image of strong women. as a first generation immigrant of african & caribbean descent, my childhood was built on the backs of strong women who sacrificed and sacrificed again to give me the life and voice i have today. being a modern girl is taking my place in this time honored lineage of women supporting other women. being a modern girl is breaking the cult of silence, it is building a community for all girls—the underrepresented and underpriviledged, the misrepresented and the misunderstood, the oppressed and the deliberately unheard—to come together and become the fullest versions of themselves, filled with passon, love, and light.

Instagram: @chmscll

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