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Modern Girls was founded in the summer of 2016 by longtime friends Jeanette, Kristen, Megan and Vanessa – partly based on the Strokes song of the same name (Modern Girls & Old Fashion Men). Being a diverse group of young women all hailing from different cities and backgrounds yet brought together by the all-consuming love of one band, we shared a vision to create a platform where girls are celebrated and empowered by each other. The “modern girl” always gets her way – with confidence, dedication, and (!) always with style. She’s too much to be defined, she’s making strides in industries that do not favor her, she’s a woman of color, she’s a part of LGBTQ+ – she’s you, she’s me! Modern Girls is intended to be a safe space for all women interested in music/art/fashion/politics (with the occasional post on pop culture – we need to know what’s new on the status of One Direction as much as you do, swear by it), all while letting your voice be heard. We welcome all collaborations and comments: moderngirlsinfo@gmail.com!

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